Institutional Accreditation & Compliance Manager

Listing reference: manco_000284
Listing status: Online
Apply by: 10 October 2023
Position summary
Industry: Education & Training
Job category: Education and Training
Location: Durban
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
EE position: Yes
Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA), a DHET registered and CHE accredited private higher education distance education provider, offering undergraduate and postgraduate business qualifications, has the following vacancy available: Institutional Accreditation & Compliance Manager
Job description

Job Purpose
The successful appointee will be responsible for delivering on important accreditation and quality assurance projects, including but not limited to:

Compliance and regulatory tasks
  • Provide leadership on national reviews, accreditation and compliance requirements by ensuring the institutions policies, systems and procedures are effective and fall within the accreditation and regulatory requirements.
  • Lead teams, provide clear expectations and handle the needs of the staff members who work under the Accreditation & Compliance Manager.
  • Create mechanism to promote and continuously improve core academic functions.
  • Manage and maintain registration and accreditation status in SADC regions.
  • Manage registration and accreditation of higher education partnership institutions.
  • Review and submit the HEQC accreditation applications and the SAQA and DHET applications in accordance with the criteria specified by each regulatory body.
  • Oversee the work of the Accreditation and Compliance unit and manage tasks and activities in terms of accreditation, reaccreditation, site visits, institutional research and programme review and development.
  • Successfully manage and coordinate conditions responses, representations, improvement plans.
  • Evaluate and upload approved HEQC reaccreditation applications for the DHET reregistration cycles and overseeing the process by which the programmes were reviewed.
  • Manage the collating, compiling and submitting institutional accreditation applications for regions.
  • Manage institutional preparations for site visits and institutional audits.
  • Assess and improve accreditation processes in areas of responsibility.
  • Provide leadership on the implementation of all regulatory requirements and in doing so conduct an annual internal institutional regulatory compliance review.
  • Ensure the completion of all reporting requirements and submission of the DHET Annual Report in adherence to the guidelines provided by the DHET.
  • Manage the verification of SAQA records and overseeing NLRD uploads to the HEQCIS according to the standardised template issued.
  • Develop and maintain an auditing programme around compliance for the institution.·      
  • Identify and assess potential compliance-related risk areas and a compliance and risk mitigation programme around all related compliance activities to detect, prevent, and resolve issues.
  • Maintain a schedule of all compliance related activities across the institution and follow-up on completion of these activities across all departments.
  • Develop policies and procedures for the institution on compliance.
  • Collect and maintain compliance data.
  • Lead the planning, coordination and facilitation of successful Site Visits
  • Attend appropriate meetings, conferences or workshops held by regulatory bodies and provide feedback.
Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) and Institutional Audits Framework (IAF)
  • Provide leadership, guidance and oversight of quality promotion and capacity development, institutional audits, standards development, national reviews, programme accreditation and re-accreditation as well as institutional adaption and change management aligned to QAF and Framework for Institutional Audits
  • Conduct gap analyses in context of the QAF and Institution Audit Framework
  • Ensure that the implementation of the Continuous Improvement Plan and align the improvements to the QAF and IAF.
  • Ensure that successful audits are conducted on the implementation of improvements that was identified in the continuous improvement plan.
  • Design, the development and implementation of the digital Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS).
  • Workshop stakeholders, review and implement improvements to the QAMS.
Capacity Building
  • Develop a strong team to enable the accreditation and compliance deliver on its mandate.
  • Restructure teams and workloads in accordance with operational and academic requirements.
  • Identify training and development opportunities for Monitoring and Evaluation team and implement succession plans.
  • Identify critical skills essential for the quality service delivery of accreditation & compliance unit and take the responsibility for further development of relevant and essential skills to improve team’s performance.
  • Implement compliance workshops across the institution, inclusive of a regional roadshow
Stakeholder Relationship
  • Build and sustain relationships with key external regulatory bodies.
  • Facilitate internal and external stakeholders’ to:
o  develop detailed project plans related to the institutional audit / site visit
o  review and edit compliance & quality assurance documentation
o  provide expert in put for the institutional the digital Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)
o  provide expert in put in logistics planning as well as execution of the audit / site visit itself.

Qualification development
  • Project manage the process of new qualification development and submission to accreditation authorities including responding to conditions where required
  • Quality assure the curricula of qualifications developed for accreditation to ensure that programme accreditation criteria meet all HEQSF requirements.
  • Review, propose amendments and participate in governance and programme approval committees.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant professional bodies in context of design and accreditation of programmes where required.
  • Ensure payments to are signed off for submission of programme to CHE.

Programme review and audits
  • Monitor review and audits of programmes.
  • Ensure these reviews follow established processes and are taken through the appropriate governance structures
Special projects
  • Manage and coordinate relevant ad hoc projects such as research projects, and quality improvement projects across the institution. 


Minimum requirements

  • Minimum Master’s Degree or equivalent.


  • Minimum of five years of progressively increasing responsibility working directly in a quality assurance or accreditation role, in a higher education institution with a focus on academic quality.
  • Ability to conduct institutional research to collect, analyze, and report on data and benchmark against regulatory standards and industry best practices.
  • Direct knowledge of, or experience with, regional/national and programmatic accreditation preferred.
  • Meticulously edit documents possessing a high level of attention to detail is required.
  • Manage complex and highly sensitive materials and to foster a culture of confidentiality.
  • Strong work ethic with the ability to excel in a demanding, outcome-oriented, and dynamic environment with little supervision
  • Creativity and the ability to envision and achieve a positive
  • Impeccable English verbal and written skills.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the South African Higher Education landscape.
  • High level of computer literacy.
  • Strong project planning, monitoring, and evaluation skills
  • Critical thinking and ability to assess, interpret and mitigate against risk
  • Demonstrated ability to manage self and subordinates 
  • Analytical skills exercised effectively in context of implementing solutions and creating opportunities
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Change management and effective stakeholder engagement capability
  • Demonstrate and operate high levels of integrity 

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