Senior Research Associate

Listing reference: manco_000548
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 20 May 2024
Position summary
Industry: Education & Training
Job category: Others: Education and Training
Location: Durban
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
EE position: Yes
MANCOSA, a DHET registered and CHE accredited private higher education distance education provider, offering undergraduate and postgraduate business qualifications. CORE PURPOSE: To provide research expertise related to academic publishing and postgraduate research support. The incumbent will be expected to develop and execute plans, initiatives and interventions associated with the academic research functions of the institution. These may include but is not limited to; high quality academic research support initiatives for a wide range of institutional stakeholders, research publications through recognised platforms, and the accreditation of the Journal of Management and Administration.
Job description

  • Overseeing and implementation of the relevant aspects of the academic research strategy.
  • Oversee the operations of the Academic Publishing Unit (APU) and the performance of the APU administrator.  Management and accreditation of the Journal of Management and Administration (JMA).
  • Oversee the Research Academy and other related research support activities.
  • Oversee the quality and quantity of research produced, and published.
  • Advice and guide academics on the publication of research output through recognized platforms.
  • Develop collaborations and partnerships to enhance academic research at the institution.
  • Manage the administration of the academic research incentive fund.
  • Stakeholder engagement and management, including editors, publishers, and other service providers.
  • Manage and build a pool of vendors and editors.
  • Conceptualize, manage and deliver on local and international research events.
  • Participate in the design, planning and delivery of doctoral programmes, with focus on research.
  • Participate in the review, regulatory requirements and assessment processes of programmes.
  • Participate in committee structures, as deemed necessary by the Senior Manager: Research.
  • Contribute to and participate in selected activities of the Research Directorate.
  • Report writing.

Minimum requirements

  • Doctoral degree
  • Preferable: Specialisation in business, administration, management, commerce, education, or in cognate fields

  • Record of research output
  • Track record of research facilitation/academic writing
  • Some involvement and/or exposure to journal management / governance / production


  • Research in field of specialisation and expertise
  • Successful staff and student support research interventions and measures at a doctoral level
  • Effective post-graduate supervision policies, programmes and models
  • The research processes in the doctoral thesis and manuscript production
  • Developing rapport with staff and doctoral students for effective research and publication facilitation

  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Research acumen
  • Initiative taking
  • Computer-based data analysis skills

  • Able to attend weekend workshops to provide support to doctoral candidates/ research staff.
  • Able to travel on a regular basis to MANCOSA learning Centres.

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