HR Officer

Listing reference: manco_000523
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 11 April 2024
Position summary
Industry: Education & Training
Job category: Others: Education and Training
Location: Kwazulu Natal
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
EE position: Yes
MANCOSA, a DHET registered and CHE accredited private higher education distance education provider, offering undergraduate and postgraduate business qualifications. CORE PURPOSE To build a knowledgeable and competent workforce through the implementation of the training framework and strategy, ensuring current and future skills needs are met.
Job description

·      Take responsibility for the co-ordination and implementation of internal & external training initiatives within the institution, in order to drive development in line with organisational needs
·      Work with managers to identify competency needs and skill gaps for support staff
·      Build relationships with relevant universities and learning institutions to deliver quality interventions for support staff
·      Demonstrate trends in learning development field for staff, relevant stakeholders and drive innovation learning and development for support staff in the institution
·      Design and implement in-house training & development programmes for staff to meet identified training needs in accordance with training plans
·      Ensure that appropriate training interventions are aligned with organisational objectives by developing and implementing programmes at work that connect staff with institutional goals, values and objectives
·      Measure return on training investment (ROI)
·      Improve effective onboarding orientation sessions in conjunction with relevant HR policies and procedures
·      Develop and curate content within the LMS that inspires creativity and fosters innovation.
·      Incorporate gamification elements, storytelling techniques, and real-world scenarios into the learning modules to stimulate creativity.
·      Analyze user data, feedback, and engagement metrics within the LMS to assess the effectiveness of innovative features in fostering creativity and innovation.
·      Gather insights and generate reports to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to further enhance the LMS for fostering innovation.
·      Implement iterative changes and updates to the LMS based on analysis and user feedback to continuously improve its effectiveness.
·      Contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a high performance culture and a culture of life-long learning through ensuring that training plans and implemented interventions emphasize and are aligned to these values
·      Develop and curate high-quality, engaging content for various social media platforms, including but not limited to text, images, videos, and interactive elements.
·      Stay up to date with social media trends and emerging platforms to recommend new content approaches and formats.
·      Monitor social media channels for trends, discussions, and opportunities to engage with the audience.
·      Foster community growth and engagement through active participation in conversations, responding to comments, and initiating discussions.
·      Implement and maintain social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.
·      Provide regular reports with insights and recommendations for optimization.

Minimum requirements


  • Bachelors’ degree in HRM or Training & Development



  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a training or similar role
·      Have a good understanding of the Higher Education
  • Excellent needs analysis knowledge



  • Knowledge of HR training processes & procedures
  • Excellent needs analysis knowledge
  • Knowledge of skills and training techniques required for staff
  • Knowledge of various training methods (mentoring, coaching, on-the-job learning, classroom-based instruction, e-learning, workshops, simulations etc.)
  • Excellent oral communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent written communication and report-writing skills
  • Excellent planning, organizing, time management and attention to detail
  • Computer literacy in MS Office and Learning Management Systems
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to make reasonable decisions
  • Team player
  • Excellent oral communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent written communication and report-writing skills
  • Excellent planning, organizing, time management and attention to detail
·      Excellent in Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, Internet and Email
·      Deadline driven
·      Strong interpersonal skills
·      Integrity and honesty
·      Possess a high level of ethics and confidentiality
·      Produce work of a high quality
·      Creative and innovative
·      Ability to work under pressure
·      Driver’s License
·      Willingness to work weekends and/or overtime when required

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