Academic Programme Quality Manager (Accounting, Finance, and Tax Administration)

Listing reference: manco_000306
Listing status: Online
Apply by: 26 March 2024
Position summary
Industry: Education & Training
Job category: Others: Education and Training
Location: Durban
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
EE position: Yes
MANCOSA, a DHET registered and CHE accredited private higher education distance education provider, offering undergraduate and postgraduate business qualifications, has the following vacancy available: Academic Programme Quality Manager: Accounting, Finance, and Tax Administration - Durban
Job description

Core Purpose
Aligned to MANCOSA's mission, vision and strategy, the Academic Programme Quality Manager is responsible for the overall quality management of programmes. Through the provision of strong academic operational acumen and management, the Academic Programme Quality Manager drives integrated quality enhancement throughout MANCOSA's Academic Governance Structure; Programme and Professional Body Accreditation; Regulatory Compliance; Research, Curriculum Development and Management; Assessment, Teaching and Learning; and Student Retention and Success. The Academic Programme Quality Manager leads Programme Reviews as per the Quality Assurance Framework stipulated by the Council on Higher Education.
Core Functions
Academic Governance and Management
  • Lead quality management across programmes from Accreditation and Compliance to Certification.
  • Quality assure and manage formal processes related to programme quality management.
  • Set up Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) and Programme Design, Development and Review (PDDR) Committee with internal, external academics and industry experts.
  • Development, management and review of all Programme Quality Management and Curriculum Development and Management policies.
  • Prepare a departmental budget based on a product development and review and monitor expenditure and budget variances.
  • Build excellent relations with all internal and external academics, industry experts and service providers in order to ensure a smooth working relationship as well as intervene in any matters providing the best workable solutions between the various service providers to ensure that all programmes are quality managed.


Accreditation and Compliance
  • Assurance of quality in all regulatory submissions for all programme accreditation and re-accreditation submissions
  • Consistently update knowledge on changes in legislation and policy in the education landscape
Programme Quality Management
  • Responsibility for ensuring delivery on the schedule of planned maintenance and review of all the programmes aligned to the expectations of the QAF (teaching, learning, assessment, community engagement and research).
  • Articulation of programmes and new programme submissions within school/faculty for the programme submission 3 year plan.
  • Ensure our processes of programme design, development and review are improved and training provided to internal academics and external SMEs where needed.
  • Development of Programme Advisory Boards for industry input into curriculum reviews and update to keep relevance – both during initial design and for review of existing curricular.
  • Endorsement of curriculum by professional bodies where appropriate.
  • Monitoring the implementation of improvement plans to completion.

Regulatory Bodies
  • Prepare for and ensure attendance at any site visits relating to the academic programmes.
  • Participate and contribute to any regulatory body and institutional QAF activity.
  • Ensure compliance to regulatory standards and to the focus areas of the Instructional Audit Framework as part of the Quality Assurance Framework in particular.

Professional and Staff Development
  • Engage in ongoing professional development by independently studying to upgrade knowledge field of expertise.
  • Actively participate in staff development initiatives offered by the institution.
  • Organise and conduct training for programme developers, module writers and moderators.
  • Adhere to and loyally perform reasonable instructions, functions and tasks.
  • Assist and attend institution functions.
  • Fulfil any other reasonable request from Management. 

Minimum requirements


  • Minimum Master’s Degree (Essential).
  • Doctorate or studying towards a Doctorate (Preferred).
  • Minimum 8 years of academic work experience in a higher education institution and minimum 3 years’ experience at management level (Essential)
  • More than 10 years of academic work experience in a higher education institution (Preferred)
  • Strong academic specialisation focus in the areas per faculty


Related Knowledge, Competencies and Skills

Essential Job-Related Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour
  • Proven Academic Operational Management Acumen.
  • Experience in the design, development and accreditation of new programmes.
  • Experience in formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures.
  • In depth knowledge of Education and Training legislature framework.
  • Experience in dealing with regulatory affairs and academic quality assurance processes within a higher education environment..
  • A proven teaching and research portfolio with curriculum development and assessment design experience.
  • Risk management, communication and business acumen skills.
  • High level of competency in MS Offices, particularly Word, Excel.
  • Must be able to work overtime when necessary

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