Internal Auditor

Listing reference: manco_000516
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 14 February 2024
Position summary
Industry: Education & Training
Job category: University and Academy
Location: Durban
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
Remuneration: Market related
EE position: Yes
MANCOSA, a DHET registered and CHE accredited private Higher Education distance provider, offering Undergraduate and Postgraduate qualifications, has/have the following vacancy/vacancies available: Internal Auditor - (Durban)
Job description

Internal Audits 
Undertake audits by:
·      Developing audit scopes and generating audit working documents
·      Communicating audits to the relevant process owner/s

Documenting and evaluating systems and controls to determine their existence, adequacy, effectiveness and continuity to ensure the following:
  • effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • compliance to regulatory requirements and institutional policies and procedures
  • reliability and integrity of information safeguarding of assets

·      Engaging with staff throughout the audit with the view to ensure conformity with applicable policy and procedures in all phases of the audit process
·      Providing guidance where such policies and procedures do not exist and with the implementation thereof
·      Consolidating results and compiling audit reports
·      Developing and discussing findings, recommendations and time lines (or corrective action with responsible person of operations audited and monitor the impl8mentation status of agreed recommendations
·      Establishing audit review dates within a 5-year cycle.

Risk management
Establish and implement the institutional risk management strategy:
·      Develop and implement institutional risk management plan and facilitate cascading of the plan to the departments
·      Identifying procedural gaps and risk areas within business processes
·      Collaborating with operational and academic staff to establish internal mechanisms by which to mitigate risks and develop policies, procedures, standards and systems surrounding the risks
·      Reviewing the effectiveness of the implemented mechanism/internal controls to reduce risks and advise relevant process owner/s of findings
·      Monitor implementation of the risk mitigation plan stemming from risk assessments conducted
·      Conducting research to determine best practices and benchmark against other institutions to enhance the management of quality processes and at times this may require collecting, analysis and interpreting statistical data.
·      Roll out institutional Risk Assessment awareness campaign

Promote quality standards
Promote quality standards throughout the organisation by:
·      Participate in reviewing institutional documents including but not limited to policies, procedures, website content and other materials for stakeholder consumption
·      Providing guidance for the development of standard operating procedures for departments
·      Conduct surprise audits and observations in departments and meetings

Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)
Monitor the implementation of the QAMS  by:
·      Contribute towards committee activities and implementation of resolutions
·      Provide reasonable assurance that correct and current documents are maintained on the QMS
·      Provide reasonable assurance the submission of quality documents required from departments
·      Monitoring the implementation of planned quality improvement initiatives
·      Contribute to the cascading of QAMS to all departments
·      Internal Audit & Risk Assessment components of QAMS Ecosystem are blueprinted, with accompanying matrices and forms
·      Ensure institutional compliance with POPIA
·      Conduct and/or coordinate investigation for non-compliance with and/or violations of the institution’s policies and procedures, and other regulations.
General Duties
·      Generate departmental reports at specific annual intervals
·      Organise and conduct meetings and presentations, develop appropriate templates for meeting documents, collate information and generate meeting packs and record minutes of the meetings
·      Filing of reports with the appropriate annexures
·      Develop forms and templates for utilisation within the institution
·      Office administration
·      Partaking on special projects and committee work

Minimum requirements

  • Diploma specialising in auditing
  • Preferably  Bachelor's degree specialising in auditing

  • At least three years of experience directly related to auditing duties and responsibilities in higher education.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
·       Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
·       Ability to analyse and solve problems
·       Ability to supervise and train assigned staff
·       Ability to successfully communicate policies, and procedures in a manner easily understood by stakeholders
·       Knowledge of current changes and developments in the South African Higher Education landscape
·       Ability to work effectively with diverse people
·       Ability to analyse processes and make recommendations for improvements
·       Knowledge of the Institution’s and regulatory auditing policies, standards, and procedures

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