Academic: English Teaching Specialisation (Cape Town)

Listing reference: manco_000476
Listing status: Online
Apply by: 16 May 2024
Position summary
Industry: Education & Training
Job category: Others: Education and Training
Location: South Africa
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
EE position: Yes
MANCOSA, a DHET registered and CHE accredited private higher education distance education provider, offering undergraduate and postgraduate business qualifications, has the following vacancy available: Academic: English Teaching Specialisation
Job description

To provide academic leadership, teaching and to facilitate learning within the English language Specialisation
•       To facilitate both face to face and online lectures
•       Provide students one on one academic consultation for support
•       Design both formative and summative assessments
•       Review and moderate curriculum and assessments
•       Grade assessments and provide stakeholder feedback
•       Potentially serve as a Programme Coordinator/ Module Coordinator
•       Undertake programme and module reviews
•       Active involvement in research and publishing
•       Supervise postgraduate research
•       Identify students at-risk and execute constant pastoral care
•       Undertake programme and quality management administrative tasks as required
•       Serve as subject matter expert (SME) in the English language Specialisation for content resource development 

Minimum requirements

·      A Master’s Degree in the specialisation area and working towards a related PhD
·      At least 2/3 years lecturing experience; lecturing English First language
·      School based teaching experience, teaching CAPS
·      Demonstrate research engagement over last 3 years 

•       Be familiar with distance and online education
•       Be familiar with using an online learning management system (LMS)
•       Have a working knowledge of the South African Higher Education regulatory framework
•       Must be able to work within pre-determined time frames and deadlines
•       Must be able to speak confidently and demonstrate professionalism
•       Must be a collegial team player
•       Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, Internet and Email)
•       Excellent writing and reporting skills
•       Possess a high level of ethics and confidentiality
•       Driver’s license required for Work Integrated Learning

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