Teaching and Learning Manager

Listing reference: manco_000452
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 19 April 2024
Position summary
Industry: Education & Training
Job category: Others: Education and Training
Location: Durban
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
EE position: Yes
MANCOSA, a DHET registered and CHE accredited private higher education institution, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. CORE PURPOSE MANCOSA, as an Online Distance Higher Education institution is committed to quality, excellence and innovation, we are on a quest to redefine the future of teaching and learning. To support this transformative journey, we are actively seeking a dynamic and visionary leader for the role of Teaching and Learning Manager. In this pivotal position, your rich educational background, combined with your passion for fostering an environment of academic excellence, will help shape the way we educate and empower our students. As the Teaching and Learning Manager, you will assist in guiding our institution towards new horizons of pedagogical innovation, quality assurance, and student success. If you are a forward-thinking, collaborative, and results-driven individual with a passion for education in an ever changing technology advancement space, we invite you to embark on this journey with us and be a part of our institution's transformation. Join us as we shape the future of teaching and learning together
Job description


Leadership and Strategy:
·      Lead the advancement of Teaching and Learning excellence through strategic program planning and execution.
·      Drive the quality assurance of T & L processes, ensuring compliance with standards and regulations.
·      Understand and lead T&L within a SA higher education regulatory environment for distance online education.

Lecturer Development:
·      Enhance lecturer proficiency in T & L through targeted strategies, with an emphasis on active learning methodologies.
·      Through training foster reflective practice among lecturers to continually improve teaching effectiveness.
·      Collaborate with lecturers on their teaching portfolios, peer reviews, and continuous development plans.
·      Utilize peer reviews and development plans to inform the content of training and development workshops.

Student Support Strategy:
·      Create and implement strategies to enhance the overall student experience through effective Teaching and Learning methods.

Online Teaching and Learning:
·      Champion an online teaching and learning culture by establishing communities of best academic practices.
·      Encourage adoption of contemporary teaching methodologies among lecturers.
·      Track record of development of polices, programmes and product development

·      Collaborate closely with academic departments, MANCOSA committees, and stakeholders to plan, problem-solve, and brainstorm ideas for effective program implementation, delivery, and T & L matters.

Scholarship and Professional Development:
·      Promote a culture of scholarship within the team, fostering a spirit of continuous learning and growth.
·      Build and nurture professional relationships with industry leaders and experts.

Administrative Duties:
·      Manage associated administrative tasks to ensure smooth program execution.
·      To monitor the impact of initiatives and activities related to learning and teaching and scholarly activity and report these findings to the Director.
·      Oversight and management of digital resources and technological innovation related to learning and teaching. Ensuring that digital resources and technological innovations deliver demonstrable positive outcomes to teaching and learning.

Collaboration with Director of Teaching and Learning:
·      Work closely with the Director of Teaching and Learning to develop, execute, and document learning and teaching methods, processes, and policies.
·      Take a leadership role in implementing specific aspects of the Department’s learning and teaching plan as needed.

Minimum requirements

Minimum Master’s degree or Higher in Education or related field

·      Min of 5 years teaching and learning experience – preferably in a higher education environment with a proven track record of effective teaching methodologies.
·      Experience with HE regulatory landscape
·      Experience in lecturer development, reflective practice, and assessment strategies.

·      Above average competence and experience in using technology to enhance learning and an understanding of the current regulatory framework and its impact on education on public or private institutions.
·      Critical knowledge of The South African Further and Higher Education environment and regulatory framework (NQF, SAQA, CHE, DHET, HEQSF)
·      Proven track record of effective teaching based on a reflective practice.
·      Proven scholarship in T&L
·      Familiarity with contemporary teaching and learning trends and technologies.
·      Strong interpersonal and communication skills for effective collaboration and relationship-building.
·      Demonstrated leadership abilities and the ability to drive change.

Additional Requirements:
·      Will be required to work overtime
·      Will be required to Travel
·      Will be required to work weekends
·      Will be required to have a valid drivers license

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